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What makes Filter great?

The only way you'll miss something is if the whole community misses it too.


Crazy about dinos? Javascript ninja? Wherever you come from, whatever you do, Filter is the best way to figure out what your people are talking about.


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One unified feed with all the top stories from your friends and all your communities. It's the first thing you'll check every morning.

Why Communities?

Most news aggregators today are powered by machine-learning and natural language processing algorithms.

We, on the other hand, have realized that groups of humans are (for the moment) better than machines at figuring out what the most important news of the day is.

So for something like Climate Change, instead of showing you articles matching the phrase, we show you the most-shared articles by climate researchers, journalists, and NGOs.

The result is that you get the best articles, from anywhere on the internet, judged by the people who care the most.

Essentially, communities are the best way to filter news.

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Top stories from our Tech community—Sep 30

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